10 More PS One Classics Worth Buying On Your PSP Before July’s Store Closure

An image of a Sony Playstation Portable console, with a mockup of the Playstation Store logo shown on the screen, and a large red X across it.

Wild Arms

A screenshot from the game, showing a dungeon area, and a unique mechanic of the game that allows you to switch perspectives between three characters in order to solve puzzles. Two small rectangular areas appear at the top of the screen, to show where the other characters were located the last time the player controlled them.

Breath Of Fire IV

A screenshot from the game, showing three of the player’s party members exploring a waterfront village docks, with shops and boats nearby.

Metal Gear Solid

A screenshot from the game showing series protagonist Solid Snake hiding behind a building, waiting for a genome soldier to walk by.

Klonoa: Door To Phantomile

A screenshot from the game showing Klonoa running across a wooden platform in a forest area, collecting green and blue gems that are floating in midair.

Threads Of Fate

A screenshot from the game showing a cutscene moment, where Mint and Rue, the two playable characters in the game, are having a discussion in a wooded area.

Mega Man X4

A screenshot from the game showing the player selection screen, with Mega Man X on the left side, and Zero on the right side for players to choose between.

Chrono Trigger

A screenshot from the game featuring Crono, the protagonist, attending the Millenial Fair, with bright colorful stalls and stands, as well as other fair attendants enjoying their time at the event.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

A screenshot from the game showing the battle screen with a variety of unorthodox menu options, such as “strategy” or “contact” in addition to the more commonplace “battle” option.


A screenshot from the start of the game showing the docks area, with a cliff in the distance that has large mechanical gears protruding out of it, and a spiral staircase leading closer to the apparatus.

Front Mission 3

A screenshot from the game, showing orange squares on a grid, which shows the attack range for the character’s attack as part of the turn based tactical battle system.

Do you have other favorites that didn’t make the list? Share them in the comments section below!

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