10 More PS One Classics Worth Buying On Your PSP Before July’s Store Closure

Even more games to get before the PSP store closes on July 2nd, 2021.

With the Playstation Portable’s ability to purchase digital games coming to an end on July 2nd, 2021, there’s never been a better time to get some of the greatest games from the digital PS One Classics library to play on the go. Just like the previous article’s list of games, this list will focus on the games available in the U.S. storefront.

Many of these games are highly sought after in their original disc form, so buying them digitally is usually more affordable as an added bonus. Let’s look at 10 more games that may be worth buying while PSP owners still have the chance.

Wild Arms

Wild Arms may not have aged very well from a visual perspective, especially not its battle visuals, but it is one of the most interesting RPGs on the PS1 despite also being one of the console’s earliest releases.

It has a distinct wild west style, combined with fantasy elements, making for a unique setting. And it uses some refreshing ideas throughout its gameplay mechanics and story.

One of the more interesting puzzle solving mechanics in the game involves controlling the characters in your party separately, and coordinating their actions in order to progress through dungeon areas.

It also has arguably the most memorable and catchy opening tune of any game out there. Good luck not humming or whistling along with it.

Breath Of Fire IV

The fourth entry in the Breath of Fire series was the last on the PS1, and arguably the last “traditional” RPG in the series.

The visuals are crisp and detailed for their time, and the colors are bright and vibrant. The game still holds up well today in many respects. The story is interesting, the characters are varied, and the game has everything that turn-based battle RPG fans would appreciate. And in what has become a series staple, you can transform into a dragon during battles.

Unfortunately, Breath of Fire III never made it onto the Playstation Store in the U.S., but each game’s story is self-contained. So even if IV is your first Breath of Fire game, you’ll be able to enjoy it all on its own.

Metal Gear Solid

An instant classic that would go on to become a very successful franchise, Metal Gear Solid is a standout stealth action title.

Interestingly, though there are battles to undertake at key moments, for most areas of the game, you are encouraged to proceed without engaging with enemies, and are even punished for alerting them in some respects.

It remains a more accessible and forgiving game than some of the ones that came after it, and arguably has the most memorable cast of characters. If you somehow missed this extraordinary experience, even if you’re not usually drawn to games like this, the original Metal Gear Solid is worth a try for its uniqueness alone.

Klonoa: Door To Phantomile

If you are a fan of 2D side-scrolling platforming games, Klonoa is one such title that would be worth your consideration.

It uses a “2D movements in a 3D space” sort of approach, commonly called “2.5D” that allows for a normally straight progression to turn and shift more dynamically around the environment. The game’s vibrant and colorful aesthetic adds to the overall charm of the experience.

With plenty of collectibles to obtain in each area, a variety of interesting mechanics to its gameplay, and memorable characters and encounters, there’s a lot for platformer fans to appreciate here.

Threads Of Fate

Threads of Fate is an interesting action RPG that allows you to choose between two different main characters, in order to experience different aspects of the story and gameplay.

Playing as either character gives a different experience in addition to a different story. Rue is able to transform into the enemies he defeats, and Mint can perform acrobatic moves and is able to harness powerful magic.

It’s a clever way for an RPG to add replay value, since you’ll want to play through it twice to experience both characters’ stories, their perspectives, and their unique play styles.

Mega Man X4

Although opinions will differ, it is no exaggeration to say that Mega Man X4 is perhaps the pinnacle of the Mega Man X series of games.

Not only are the visuals crisp and the colors vibrant, but the controls for both X and Zero are extremely responsive, and they just feel good to play.

The ability to freely choose between either X or Zero to play each stage, as well as being able to use their unique abilities to reach certain hidden secrets that the other character cannot reach, adds a layer of replay value and depth to the game. Since both characters have significantly different move sets at their disposal, boss battles against the iconic series robots feel very different depending on who you are playing as, and sometimes they even require different strategies to take down.

With a fantastic soundtrack, great environments and enemies, responsive controls, and the variety of gameplay and replayability, fans of the series will particularly enjoy this fourth entry.

Chrono Trigger

A game that needs no introduction for seasoned RPG fans, Chrono Trigger often makes top lists for best RPGs, and for good reason.

Unlike Chrono Cross that came after it, Chrono Trigger has enjoyed a number of re-releases across multiple platforms and consoles since its original release, including the PS One Classics digital version of the Playstation 1 re-release that is available on the Playstation Store.

You play as the character Crono, and not only traverse a fantasy world, but even travel through time into the past and the future, meeting a varied cast of characters along the way, and recruiting them to your cause. There’s a lot going on with the story, and even multiple endings in the game that differ depending on the way you played through it.

Not only did the game set many standards for RPGs that would follow, but it approached the genre in a unique way that hadn’t been seen before, earning it accolades from many for its innovations, risk-taking, and creativity.

Persona 2: Eternal Punishment

For those unaware, this is a sequel to Persona 2: Innocent Sin, which remained a Japanese exclusive release on the PS1. However, Innocent Sin was released on the PSP for the first time in English as “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2: Innocent Sin” in UMD disc form.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, but you’re looking for something different from the usual fantasy flair that most games in the genre embrace, you’ll want to look into the Shin Megami Tensei games in general, but specifically the Persona series.

From the unorthodox ways you can undertake enemy encounters besides just battling them, to the unexpected themes you find in the game’s story and dialog tackling subjects like philosophy and metaphysics, games in the Persona series carry a unique vibe to them that you just don’t see anywhere else.

They may not be everyone’s preferred flavor of game, but they have a loyal following of fans thanks in no small part to their uniqueness and creativity, and they dare to do things very differently than most RPGs out there.


Myst is a game that defined point and click adventure games, propelling an entire genre to new heights with its popularity, and establishing new possibilities that had not been seen before. It has enjoyed ports and re-releases across a number of consoles and devices over the years.

The game relies on puzzles, the power of the player’s observational skills, and tasks you with thoroughly exploring every area in which you find yourself. It does this from a first-person perspective, and players use the on-screen cursor to interact with elements of the environment, and move around to different locales.

All along the way, you are treated to some imaginative wonders, strange amalgams of fantasy, technology, and nature’s beauty. The further you get into the adventure, the more the story begins piecing together bit by bit. That breadcrumbs sort of approach drives players to want to explore further, and solve the mysteries of these strange and wonderful places.

Front Mission 3

If you prefer your turn-based tactical RPGs to have a modern or futuristic feel to them, with characters being able to pilot and battle in giant mechanical suits rather than swords and sorcery, Front Mission 3 is a game to try.

Aside from the change in themes, there are some other aspects that set Front Mission 3 apart from its contemporaries.

One is having the ability to battle directly against the pilots of the machines rather than simply the machines themselves, even being able to eject them from their craft, and ejected pilots can commandeer new machines.

And another noteworthy feature is the addition of essentially two separate stories in the game, adding significant replay value to the experience.

Do you have other favorites that didn’t make the list? Share them in the comments section below!

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