Mario Kart Tour: The Secrets To Farming Event Tokens In Auto Mode

Tips for collecting those sweet green coins automatically.

Nabbit driving toward an event token in Mario Kart Tour.
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Conventional wisdom (and many Reddit users) suggest that auto mode in Mario Kart Tour is not the most useful way of collecting the green event token coins for use in the event shop. While it’s true players can maximize event token collection playing for themselves, auto mode is perfectly viable for farming those tantalizing green coins.

What Kind Of Event Is It?

Making event tokens in auto mode relatively viable and lucrative has multiple aspects to consider. What you’ll find the most helpful depends on what the conditions are for the event period.

Landing Hits With Items (Bob-Ombs, Bananas, Shells, Etc.)

If the current tour has one of these as the conditions for gaining event tokens, then you want to focus on which characters you are using in auto mode. The glider you choose and the course you are playing on can factor in as well.

Landing Hits With Bob-Ombs

If you’re in a bob-omb event, then you want characters that have an increased chance to get bob-ombs as their item, such as Wario, Shy Guy, or Waluigi. You also will want to consider courses that have relatively straight, narrow tracks, such as the Kalimari Desert tracks. It is harder for opponents to avoid getting hit by the bob-omb blasts on such courses.

Landing Hits With Bananas

For a Banana event, you want to pick characters like Dixie Kong, Funky Kong, or Morton, who all have banana-related items as their specialty. Choosing a glider with a banana specialty increases the chances that they will appear during the race.

Landing Hits With Shells

For shells, it’s a similar process. Look for characters like Iggy or Koopa Troopa with triple green shells, and pick a glider that has a green or red shell. Some tours will be specific (Red Shells only, Green Shells only, etc.) and others will say hits with shell items in general. The general ones also include special shells like the Blue Spiny Shell and Bowser’s Shell, so keep that in mind. Speaking of Bowser, if your shell event tour has any of the Bowser’s Castle courses in it, those are good choices for shell events.

Additional Tips That Apply To “Landing Hits” Events

If you can find a course where any of the key characters are in the third tier (get three items per item box) group, repeatedly choose that character and that course. It allows for frenzy mode to activate, and sometimes that will happen with the specific item that grants tokens.

Since the default formation (whistle) is the only one where items are used, you want to make sure you are playing auto mode in formation 0, without tapping on the whistle button to change it for these types of events.

Collecting Event Tokens During Races

This is the most common type of event, and has the most variety of ways of getting event tokens. All courses have randomly-placed green event tokens where coins are usually located. Since the placement and number varies with each race, some races will feel more lucrative than others, even on the same course. Choosing the right courses can help it feel lucrative even in auto mode.

Changing Formation

The trick that many players don’t realize when using auto mode is that you can use the different formations (tap the whistle icon) to your advantage. I like to use formation 1 by tapping the whistle icon one time at the start of the race. Formation 1 (and a few others) consistently ensures that your character is in the front of the pack, and also makes it so they consistently drive straight down the middle of the course with very few exceptions.

When you combine that with courses that have a lot of their coins in the center of the track, it makes it so even in auto mode, players can consistently collect a good number of coins and green event tokens. Unlike the item hit events, for this kind of event with this approach, it doesn’t matter what character you choose, because no items are being used in auto mode’s Formation 1.

The course you choose makes all the difference. Here is an example that I recorded of one race on 16 different courses from the current tour, just to give you an idea of the importance of selecting the best possible course among the ones you have access to in a tour.

An example of 16 recordings from tracks raced in Mario Kart Tour on Auto Mode using Formation 1.

The values shown in the “Event Tokens” column are less important, because those numbers will fluctuate with each race, even repeated races on the same course. The main thing you want to look out for are the courses where, in auto mode using Formation 1, your character collected a lot of coins.

In this example of 16 different courses, far and away the best one was Shy Guy Bazaar R. Identifying which courses in your given tour have a high number of coins collected in this way is the secret to making it viable. It will be different in each tour, and sometimes the best you will be able to find are courses where you can get 15–20 coins. But if you have one in the 30s or 40s or even 50s, that’s going to be the course you want to repeatedly race on using Formation 1 each time.

Alternative Method Using Items

If the above approach using Formation 1 is too boring for you, or you want to approach these in a different way, you can utilize specific characters to help your chances even during the events where you collect coins on the course.

In addition to picking up event tokens while driving around each course, whenever players receive coin items from item boxes, some of those will also turn into event tokens. Gliders that increase the chances to receive coins, therefore, will be helpful with this method. Also, characters like Pink Gold Peach, Wedding Mario, Party Time Pauline, etc. who have Coin Boxes for their special ability are also excellent choices. The coin boxes will also release event tokens in great numbers.

Unlike the previous method, you’d want to keep auto mode in the default Formation 0, that way characters can actually use their items. Approaching this more like an item based event may feel sensible. Even though the approach is different, it may still be of benefit to choose courses with large coin counts, though the collection of them will vary in Formation 0 due to the character moving around the track rather than staying in its middle.

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite method for farming event tokens? Click the speech bubble icon below and leave a comment to let everyone know!



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