Medium Still Confuses Me In These 4 Ways

Following / Recommended For You On The Homepage

A screenshot of the “Following” tab on Medium’s homepage.

Clapping: Do I Like It, Or Do I REALLY Like It? How Much? And Does It Matter?

Screenshots showing the number of claps on an article vs. the number of people (fans) the article received claps from.
Wow, 201 people clapped for my article?! Oh wait. Make that 5 people.

The “Speech Bubble” Icon As I Call It, Is A Good Choice In Icon, But It’s Really Easy To Miss

A screenshot of the bottom of an article, showing the clapping icon and the icon that allows people to leave comments and responses to an article.

Articles Chosen For Further Distribution By Medium Staff vs. Submitting To Publications

A screenshot showing the “Chosen for further distribution.” message for an article, and also noting that it was distributed in the “Counter Arts” publication.
Chosen for further distribution … by the publication that I submitted it to?



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