The Great Dragonyule Offensive arrives in Dragalia Lost on Dec 13th, 2020. Nintendo has announced an upcoming event for their Dragalia Lost mobile game titled “The Great Dragonyule Offensive.” They describe it as: “ … an onslaught event where you must take on hordes of attacking enemies.”

It is open to all players who have completed up to Chapter 2–1 in the game’s main story campaign. More details about the event can be found on the official Dragalia Lost website.

If you missed out on the previous Dragonyule event, “The Miracle of Dragonyule,” you can access it via the game’s Event Compendium menu at any time, even right alongside this year’s Dragonyule event, for double the festive shenanigans.


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Jonathan Hawkins

I’ve a knack for tutorials & how-to’s, unusual perspectives that express themselves thru words, and I love writing about video games, especially wholesome ones.