You may still be able to play Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost on your 2GB RAM Android device. Back in May, Nintendo provided details on a new update for their mobile game, Dragalia Lost, in a news post on the official Dragalia Lost website.

The takeaway was: iOS devices would soon need a minimum of 2GB of memory, when previously they only needed 1GB to play the game. Android devices likewise would need 4GB where previously they required 2GB. Many were unhappy with the decision, but the update arrived in August regardless.

However, it seems those minimum requirements were exaggerated. As Reddit user gataumales pointed out in their post, the game still runs on many 2GB Android devices, and may even perform better than before.

So if you were disheartened by the August update changes, you may wish to try the game again, even on a 2GB Android device.


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Jonathan Hawkins

I’ve a knack for tutorials & how-to’s, unusual perspectives that express themselves thru words, and I love writing about video games, especially wholesome ones.